Episode 01 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Role models, gender roles, and how many ways you can hurt people with a shield. Hans, Sarah, and Eric talk about watching Captain America: Winter Soldier. Recorded April 3 2014.


Intro and outtro song – “You Got a Light” by The Sheds

Interim song – “Free from the Stuff” by The Sheds


  1. I liked the discussion, but I think Captain America is a fine role model, and I don’t think it is as necessarily as harmful as Eric was making it out to be. Keep up the cool discussions.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m curious to know more about what you think about him as a role model – I think I’ve felt that way as well, and I have a few ideas about why, but would like to hear from other points of view.

    • Thanks for listening, WBC!

      You’re right. I was likely being overly critical :] However, I do think they could’ve done better then skinny gets buff and saves the world hah

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