Episode 11: RomComs (Romantic Comedies)

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Marion Johnson, Sarah Krongard, and Donald Guy Robinson talk about Romantic Comedies (RomComs) – faves, and why they dying out?

Beware spoilers for the movies below – but if you haven’t seen them, do! Then give it a listen.

1 Hello, dedication to Bill Pullman, and While You Were Sleeping
7 Donald’s picks, his lack of crush on Drew Barrymore of Firestarter fame
12 Love Actually kicks up some dust
29 While You Were Sleeping (in-depth)
41 Brown Sugar and Black RomComs
45 Why did RomComs die?
54 Marion Does Not Heart Bradley Cooper, and the shift from Big Screen to Smaller Screen
59 Donald nor Jesse Bradford could save Guys with Kids
1:05 RomComs We Don’t Like, starring Matthew McConaughey
1:11 Donald gives Marion a heart-attack
1:16 Sarah shares her secret love of Cheers
1:19 The Office – Team Jim v Team Pam





Hans (in absentia)

Other Movies

+ Wedding Singer, When Harry Met Sally, Brown Sugar, Hitch, Coming to America, 50 First Dates, Begin Again, Clueless
+/- Shakespeare In Love, Love Actually, The ProposalThink Like a Man
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch, Fools Gold, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Basically any RomCom with Matthew McConaughey. The Ugly Truth.

ComRom – 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up


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  • The Sheds – Free from the Stuff
  • The Sheds – All the Right Things

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