Episode 02 – 21 and 22 Jump Street

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Hans, Sarah, and Marion talk about 21 and 22 Jump Street – sympathetic bad guys, the not-gay bromance, and a couple of 80’s tangents. Enjoy!

3:11 not-action action movie
5:26 Dave Franco’s not-evil drug dealer
12:30 The not-gay bromance
21:11 Chemistry between the leads, between Channing Tatum and any living organism
23:46 Why wasn’t their hot for teacher creepy?
25:00 The PlainClothes tangent related to hot for teacher
30:05 Channing Tatum, bodies, image, etc.
44:49 Cheers tangent

Intro and outtro song – “You Got a Light” by The Sheds
Interim song – “Free from the Stuff” by The Sheds

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